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Music for receptions

Music for Receptions and Cocktail Parties

Heftsiba Zer Aviv and her bands perform various genres of chill-out music in parties, family events, weddings and society functions.


Cocktail-Flute Ensemble – ideal for Israeli jazz-style receptions; includes beautiful international tunes and provides a luxurious, cultural atmosphere.

Heftsiba performed music for receptions at luxury hotels like the Hilton, King David and David Intercontinental; she has also performed at the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament), the Peres Center for Peace, events hosted by high-tech companies, exhibition openings, as well as medical and business conferences.

Flute | Guitar | Bass Guitar | Piano |Drums


Duet in White – a classic reception, enveloping the event in a magical atmosphere, with an aroma of concert halls in Europe.
Flute | Harp


An Irish-style band for receptions, playing music from Ireland and the British Isles, giving an enchanted, lively atmosphere to every event.
Flutes | Violin | Piano | Bodhran | Guitar | Bass Guitar

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