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 buy now The New Album Heftsiba -Oriental's Flutes https://secure.cardcom.co.il/e/HMO/  Heftziba Zer Aviv – Flutes| Recorders |Turkish Ney| AccordionRami Yosifov – guitar| bass guitar| sitern| bozuki|MandolinEliran Motiuk – piano| synthIdo Maimon – drums| percussion|DarbukaDaniel Ivkovich Aviv - drum frame| tambourine| percussion|Pantam Lee Koren Kowalski - Harp [we parted this way]Vitaly Podolsky...
In The  album "flutes"  Heftsiba collaborate with the Israeli  composer Mr. Amir Fruihlich . Mr. Fruihlich has been written 10 Neo-Classical   Pieces with  the inspiration of Heftsiba's unique flute sounds. Soft  and cozy  Melodies written against the backdrop of Mediterranean and Celtic  rhythms along with Virtuos Pieces creating rhythmic influence of classical romanticism  
FREE In this Album 10 Pieces with  Live Band"The drawn line between Orient and West fascinated her. The melodies of her flute connect straight and high bridges between yesterday and tomorrow, between Bach’s prelude and Galilee “Darvashiya”, Between Robert Schumann’s childhood dream to Levantine Oriental that was scented with the aroma of rosesShepherd flute of the flock sounds with the Oud and the...