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One of the leading female flute soloists in Israel.  Heftsiba, a flute versatile artist, draws a line between genres brings her unique Mediterranean style and spiritual sounds from her flute to the audience .  Heftsiba plays on more than 20 different kinds of flutes from Different Cultures, Her concerts will leave you with an unforgettable taste of classical, Irish or Mediterranean tunes…"


Heftsiba began as a flutist in classical music as an orchestral player with symphonys and chamber music ensembles.

Since 2007 Heftsiba has established her solo flutist career and has dedicated herself to performances with ensembles she founded together with leading musicians in Israel.  Furthermore, Heftsiba performs as a flute soloist with symphony orchestras.

Heftsiba has performed internationally on musical stages in numerous different genres of music, including Israeli folklore groups, with whom she has taken her music to festivals, amongst others, in the United States, Europe, South America, Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia and the Caribbean Islands.

In November 2012 Heftsiba performed her flute recital at The Carnegie Hall. NYC


Currently,The Flutediva Show Project include few Programs:

"The Spirit of the Flute"   The ancient voice of the flute in a unique World music's concert. Spectacular mosaic of Mediterranean exotic Flute's sound, Colored with classical, Jewish Soul & Traditional shepherd tunes.

Classical Flute Recital - Heavenly recital.  Excellent romantic - classical Repertoire and all times flute’s hits. Accompanied by selected musicians in harp, piano & Opera singer.

The Irish Spirit Show - The heavenly sound of the flute in a unique Irish show brining the magical Irish music in all its diversity. Serves a spectacular variety of new Irish tunes and traditional beautiful Celtic dance, colored with Mediterranean exotic Flutes sounds.

Rock Jazz Concert - Heftsiba plays with an elite band in a new Rock Jazz Concert.
A Tribute to The great Jazz Rock flutist in the world. This show features many pieces of music by iconic artists such as Ian Anderson- Jethro Tall, flute solo from the focus group Beautiful Jazz Masterpieces from Herbbie Man and Alice Coltrane to Roman Kuntsman & Shem Tov Levi flavored with original tunes by Heftsiba.


Heftsiba's new album "Free" is an international album.  It was recorded together with an elite group of musicians featuring classical pieces colored with an oriental style.
The album is a culmination of Orient meets West, between Bach's prelude and Galilee "Darbashiya", between Robert Schumann's childhood dream to classic Israeli music such as two roses others  [musical production by Mr. Boaz Cohen 88FM]

Heftsiba's  album "Flutes" was written and composed by the musician and composer  Mr. Fruihlich who, by Heftsiba's distinctive flute sounds wrote the music.
This unique album was published in 2010.

The previous album "Chill out with the Flutediva" consists of meditative flute tunes.  In it Heftsiba has created a spectacular medley with exotic Mediterranean flutes.  Hypnotic improvisations of Greek, Bedouin, Moroccan and other flutes, taking the listener far- beyond the daily reality.


Alongside her solo career, Heftsiba has been an educator, teacher-director and founder of flourishing music conservatories in Israel.  Actively pursuing her love for teaching, Heftsiba dedicates much of her time to working with the younger generation in Israel.

Another dimension of Heftsiba's career is as the Acting Musical Director & Artistic Producer of Classical and World Music Festivals in Israel, and has been doing so since 2003





Dear friends,

I love all genres of music and I try in my performances to share as much of the musical influences I have experienced, with you the audience, as possible

I invite you join me on this special "around the world" journey of music