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Flutediva Show
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The Mediterranean Flutediva

The FluTeMania 


A unique World music concert presented by Israeli virtuoso flute's Soloist. Spectacular mosaic of Mediterranean exotic Flute's sound and authentic Jewish soul music  colored with classical music tune.  Versatile virtuoso flutist, Heftsiba That her roots lie in Yemen and Algeria / North Africa, plays more than 20 different kinds of flute from around the world, making the instrument's gentle yet vibrant timbre a musical centerpiece.  Her performances and albums combine power, energy and sweeping rhythms with soft and dreamy melodies. Heftsiba Zer Aviv is a classical flutist whose repertoire merges musical genres and blends authentic Middle Eastern music with Irish and classical tones.


Heftsiba dedicates her Concerts to those women around the world deprived of their basic human right to a free life.


"The drawn line between Orient and West fascinated her. The melodies of her flute connect straight and high bridges between yesterday and tomorrow, between Bach’s prelude and Galilee “Darvashiya”, Between Robert Schumann’s childhood dream to Levantine Oriental that was scented with the aroma of roses

Shepherd flute of the flock sounds with the Oud and the Violin. The desert winds, the Bouzouki and the Guitar. The voices of the hard day women that sings fraternity around the fire The dancing Banjo and the highlighted Piano Draws visible and invisible threads"


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